Wind turbines are the opposite of fans in the sense that they don’t use electricity to generate wind, but wind to generate electricity. They are a clean source of technology invented to not harm the enviroment and are usally in large groupings called wind farms that are in windy areas to caprture the wind. They come in diffrent types but two diffrent types HAWT(Horizantal Axis Wind Turbine) and VAWT(Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) each are the most used today.

How Wind Turbines Work
illust_large_turbine.gifWind is a form of solar energy. Winds are caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere and is changed by terrain, vegetation, and water on earth. The wind has kinetic energy in it which spins the blades and generates energy by blades turning a shaft connected to a generator that stores the energy. The energy can be used to power something or it can be changed into electricity. Inside the long neck of the wind turbine, the shaft will begin to turn which is connected to the generator, and this generates the electricity.

History of the Wind Turbines
ener15.jpgThe First Wind Mill was made in Persia from 500-900 A.D they were made for the use of pumping water for farmers or a town perhaps although there are no documents saying how it worked exactly but verbal accounts. The first documented one was still Persian design which was vertical made of reeds or wood a design which is still sometimes used today.

Although the most scenarios suggest Persians beggings it is thought that they spread the knowledge of it to the Europeans during the crusades. That is when Windmill makers became a very skilled craftsmen and improved the technology through the ages.After years and years of improvement we have today's wind turbines which ancestors where the windmills although windmills where stopped being used in the age of steam power a few still remain.

Wind Turbines where started out as mechanical windmills which where made to grind grain for produce and were the newest technology in the 1800’s. Later on in the 1920’s farming families used it to power there every day items and house. In the 1930’s though the government put all its focus on fossil fuel plants and utility lines instead of the windmills and they were slowly not being produced anymore. Yet in the 1970’s wind power was turned to again as a solution to energy problems and tax money was put into producing wind turbines all over the country and they were. Yet after they were put into effect all over the country the tax money was withdrawn and ran out in 1985 and none of the wind turbine companies had serious long term investors and slowly died out again. Yet still on this day there are one or two Wind turbine farms in the country.

The Inventor220px-1901_James_Blyth.jpg
The Inventor of the first wind turbine to generate electricity was James Blyth who created The first one the world knew. It is theorized that the Persians made the first windmills which were used to grind grain and pump water.

The Reason for Wind Turbines
Wind turbines were developed to use wind to create energy. They wanted to use wind power in different ways other than in sailboats. The first uses of wind turbines were in water pumping and grain grinding.
Benifits to the environment
Wind energy is clean energy. Electricity generated by wind turbines will not pollute the air we breathe. This means there will be less smog, less acid rain and fewer greenhouse gas pollutants. Power plants are what pollute the air the most in the United States, Which produce millions of tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and carbon dioxide each year. These pollutants are believed to be the cause of global warming. Running a single 1-MW wind turbine can displace 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide in one year Which is the equivalent on one square mile of forest. Wind Turbines are a renewable resource and doesn't produce greenhouse gases which harm the environment.

Deficits to the environment
Some concerns with wind turbines are the noise of the blades, death of birds and bats, and visual impact. The deaths of birds and bats at wind farm sites have raised concerns by fish and wildlife agencies. The noise of the blades only concern the people who live near them.
Deficits to the technology are that the wind isn’t that reliable it can be to much or to little wind it could be there and then not be there its just not a precise power source. it still costs a lot compared to other fuel sources. There are a few who even feel it messes up bird flight patterns.

Products using wind turbines
Houses located in isolated areas use wind turbines to power their homes and agricultural machines. They are also used to make ice. They are great for powering water pumps on farms. It can also be used to power the House lights, radios, and kitchen appliances.
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