Rechargeable Batteries

Describe your technology.

A rechargeable battery is a battery that can be charged and reused as many times as you’d like and can last for several years. It replaces the average alkaline battery with a Lithium-Ion, or Nickel Metal Hydride(NiMH) battery. Rechargeable batteries are usually much less expensive to use.

How does it work?

When electrical energy is put into the battery the flow of electrons is reversed from negative to positive. This occurs when the discharge is reversed and the power of the battery is restored. You need an adaptor to charge the batteries.

Who developed it?

In 1859, the French physicist Gaston Plante invented the first rechargeable battery but he didn't realize it

Why was it developed?

I think it was invented to cut off the cost of batteries by re-using them over and over, and also less batteries means less bad stuff for the environment.

History of the Technology.

Before the rechargeable battery we had the alkaline batteries, which are bad for the environment and you can’t recycle them, which means that there is more landfills and space takin up.

Benefits to the environment, saving energy, etc.

There are many benefits of this product such as, not having to fill up landfills by throwing away batteries, and also never having to spend money on batteries after you buy rechargeable batteries. Other benefits of this are a constant voltage, and it is convenient.


Some deficits of rechargeable batteries are after so many times of charging the battery's it won’t hold a charge anymore which will cause you to buy new ones. Also if it doesn’t hold a charge, you have to throw it away, and you cannot recycle batteries because of the bad acids inside of them.


Examples of products that use this technology.

Some examples of products that use rechargeable batteries are, a laptop computer with a rechargeable battery, a cell phone, Energizer Rechargeable batteries, a camera, a remote control, a Xbox 360 controller, a radio, a flashlight, an iPod.


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