Nuclear Energy

What is Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy, is a form of efficient energy. It uses a nuclear reaction, to heat up water and create steam to spin a turbine, that generates electricity.

Who created Nuclear Energy?

Einstein was the man, who thought of the matmatical equation (E=mc2). Which says that you can create a lot of energy out of splitting atoms. Which lead to nuclear energy being tested in 1942, which was when the first fission occured in the University of Chicago.

Why was it developed?

First it was created to make a bomb that would end World War II. Then after the events of dropping the bombs on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. We found out that you can harness that energy to create "cleaner", and longer lasting form energy.

How does it works?

The process of fission is when you take Uranium-235 and split it by shooting a proton at it. When you split an atom of that size it generates a huge amount of energy/heat and shoots out another proton with it, becuse it dose that the process just keep on happening untill you run out of uranium. The energy that was made is usded to heat up water unto steam. Then the steam spins a turbine to make elelctricity and then condences back into water and repeats its self over and over untill you run out of fuel.

The History of Nuclear Energy.

Nuclear Energy was tested in the 1940's through planning of the bomb for the manhattan project. Before that we had to use coal to create energy unstead of using Nuclear Energy.

The negatives of nuclear energy.

First theres nuclear waste, and then there's radition. The cost is ridiculous, and it can cause cancer.

The positives of nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy, it is a more efficent way to run something rather than coal. It's a cleaner way to run a machine rather than coal. It can produce a lot of energy, with a little uranium and run efficently, and for a very long time.


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