The Technology
Hybrid cars are a technology the uses and electric motor and battery to run the car making less damiging to the environment, and more cost effective to the owner. Hybrid cars have been around for a long time but have really come into the scene at the turn of the century do to rising concern about the environment. Hybrids have continued to evolve and are now almost completely electric cars that depened on a motor just to charge the battery. Hybrid cars are a great technological advancement in he field of atoumotive travel.

How do they work?

There are five key components to a hybrid car the battery, gasoline engine, electric engine, invertor, and the genorator. In low speed accelleration energy from the battery is sent to the invorter powering the invertor giving energy to the electric motor. In normal driving (city driving or free way driving) the gasoline engine starts charging the battery. In full throttle accelleration both the engine and electric engine give power. When going up hill or overtaking the battery, electric motor, and gasoline engine are used to give an extra boost of speed.

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Who developed it?
The first hybrid car was developed in 1796 by a frenchman named Nicholas Cugnot it was a steam powered carriage that could go six miles. Hybrid cars have evolved much since then and now can go more then 450 on a single tank of gas.

Why were Hyrbrids developed?

Hybrid cars were developed as a less polluting, and cheaper way to travel.

History of the Hybrid

The first hybrid vehicle was thought of by flemish jesuit priests and astronomer Ferdinand Verbiest for the emperor of China, but the first hybrid car was built in 1769 by a frenchman named Nicholas Cugnot it was a steamed powered car that could travel at six miles an hour. in 1825 a steamed power car was created by a british inventor named Goldsworthy Gurney that completed a 85 mile round trip journey in ten hours. The first electric car was built in 1839 by Robert Anderson of Aberdeen, Scotland. The first American built hybrid was created in 1903 by Krieger company whiched used an engine to supplement a small battery pack. the first mondern hybrid was released by toyota in 2000, and todays hybrids like the tesla or the nissan leaf can travel more then 450 on a single tank of gas.

Benefits to the environment

Hybrid cars since they are mostly an electric car that depends on a gasoline motor to charge the battery it creates less smog emissions so it dosen't pollute the environment as much as a normal car would.

Hybrid Deficits

Hybrids may have better milage than regular cars and they use less gasoline, but they have many cons. Hybrids are lightweight so they can go faster, but they still aren't as powerful as a regular car and they don't offer much protection from collisions. They rely on a battery for most of their power, so when it goes dead all of your savings from gas go to a new battery. Is it really going to be worth it to trade gas for electricity which is just burning coal?

Examples of Hybrids

Examples of hybrid cars are the Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Jetta, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, and the Tesla Super Electric.