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Describe the cfl bulbs

In a CFL an electric current is driven throughout a tube containing argon and a small amount of mercury vapor. This makes invisible ultraviolet light that excites a florescent coating on the inside of the tube,which then emits visible light.The benefits is CLF use 75%less energy and lasts longer than traditional bulbs.They are smaller than normal light bulbs and brighter.The deficit is CFL light bulbs contain mercury and other hazardous materials and must be properly recycled.They are also more expensive to purchase.

Who developed the cfl bulb?
Edward e.hammer is the person who invented the CFL light bulb. he is a retired general electric engineer who invented compact fluorescent while working in 1970.he led the development of the CFL lamps in 1973 .

Why was the cfl bulb developed?
It was developed to use less electricity at home and prevent gas emission that lead to global climate change and to reduce the electric bill. It was also developed because of the oil crisis in 1973 .

History of the cfl bulb
Early fluorescent lighting required special fixtures for their magnetic ballast which made them unusable for house hold use.But before this it started in the 19th century. The CFL lamp was also invented by Edward E. Hammer . In the 1890’s cooper invented a new type of lighting which used a little bit of Mercury.These lights were large and heavy.The CFL light bulbs wasn't made till 1976.

How does the cfl bulb work?
CFL’s is made of a spiral tube that is filled with a gas containing some amounts of mercury. When the light is turned on, an electrical current flows thought the tube and excites the mercury molecules in the gas and the gas begins to make ultraviolet light. Then the ultraviolet light comes in contain with a fluorescent substance.The coating with absorbs some of the UV light, and begins to glow. Remitting the light at a lower wave length transforming it into visible.