By Alyx and Tiffany

Describe the Technology
Bio-diesel is a bio-fuel made from natural ingredients such as; Plant oils or animal fats through a series of chemical reactions . bio-diesel uses natural ingredients as opposed to petroleum or crude oil. Since it comes from usually plants and animals, sources can be replenished from farming and recycling. It also help supports American agriculture.

How does it work?
Bio-diesel is just an alternative and more safe diesel fuel that can be used in a regular or slightly altered diesel engine. it can be used purely by itself but is usually mixed with regular diesel fuel.

Who developed it?
Diesel in general was developed by Rudolf diesel and he also developed biodiesel.

Why was it developed?
It was developed as a fuel in general for early cars but then they found that regular petroleum based fuel was a more logical fuel source.

History of the Technology
Rudolf Desiel, was the first ever to invent desiel gasoline, actually had the idea of Vegetable oil for gas.In 1900, for example, Diesel demonstrated his engine by running it on peanut oil. Then Henry Ford, Expected one of his cars to run on Ethonal, which is a corn product. But for both Henry and Rudolf, Petroleum was tried, and was proved to be the best fuel source.It was in the 1970s and 1980s that the idea of using biofuels was revisited in the United States.

Benefits to the environment, saving energy, etc.
  • Biodiesel is non-toxic and renewable.
  • Helps lubricate the engine itself.
  • Can be used with any diesel engine with little or no modification to the engine.
  • Safer then conventional diesel
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Compared to other bio-fuels its the only one to successfully completed emissions testing with the Clean Air Act.
  • Lower dependence of imported oil

  • Increase in nitrogen oxides in bio-diesel emissions
  • Cars made before 1992, there fuel filters can become clogged with higher amounts of the biodiesel
  • There can be a slight decrease in fuel economy and power

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Example References
Examples of products that use this technology.
  • Safeway grocery stores own about ober 1,000 trucks that run on biodiesel fuel.
  • There is GM vehicles that can run on biodiesel